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Reports, General, Commercial Bordereau

The default report lists commercial insurance policies according to the options selected.

  • Click the “Policy selection (new)” button to restrict the policies to be included (see “Reports, Policy Selector”)
  • If required, click the “>” button next to “For policy holder” to select a single client (see “Reports, Find Address Dialogue”)
  • Use the “Order by on-risk date, starting from…to” fields to set a range of policy start (or “On risk”) dates…
  • o When setting date ranges, “From blank to blank” gives all policies, while “From blank to a date” gives all up to that date, etc

  • Use the “Only include MS flagged policies” to alternatively list all policies with their mail shot marker currently set to “Y” (in the selected order)
  • Click and tick the “Set MS marker for selected policies” if you want to use your report selection to re-set your mail shot markers (n.b. matched go to “Y”, unmatched go to “N”)
  • If required, use the “Exclude policies with zero premiums” to exclude policies with no premium