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Set-up, Colours

Use this option to set-up the colour to use for each screen’s title (top centre), the standard scrolling views, the special claims scrolling view, and fields when they are highlighted to indicate either alarm or the current search.

The settings for this option apply to the current user only. For example, Fred may choose to have red screen titles while Harry (who is colour blind) chooses to have dark blue ones. To establish a common standard for your entire office you must either set-up each user similarly, or set-up one user according to your standard, then copy that user’s set-up to all the other user names (see Set-up, Users). To set-up your colour preferences…

Setup Colours.png

If you deal with general insurance you are advised to use different colours for your "Claims list (background)" and the "Scrolling list (background)", as otherwise you may mistake policies records for claims ones.