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Set-up, Client Screens

These set-up options allow you to vary the way the client screen works…

Setup Client Screen.png

If “Show address defaults” is clear then when you start a new client record its address will also be clear. Alternatively, if ticked, then the new address will include prompt lines, such as “Mr A Name” (which disappear when the record is saved). You are recommended to use the prompt lines so that you enter your addresses consistently (e.g. always using line 5 for the town).

If “Copy address to mailshot” is ticked then, as shown below, lines 5 and 6 of the address will automatically be duplicated in the first two free-format user-definable mailshot fields. The system already includes a mailshot selection by postcode, but use this feature if you additionally want to be able to select by town or county.

If “Birth date” is selected, then each new business client will be treated as a person with a date of birth, as shown below. Alternatively this field will show the date the business was originally “Established”.

Number of days allowed to revise fact finds allows you to choose how long, from initial creation, the fact finds stays valid for editing.  After this time the fact find will become a ‘historic fact find’ and you will not be able to amend it. See“Fact Find, Main Controls”for more details.

Tick "Prompt to add a note on leaving client record" if you'd like to be reminded to make a Note when exiting from a client record. You can also use the associated dropdown to adjust the sensitivity of this from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Possibly if you've only been on a record for 30 seconds you won't have done anything worth recording, while almost certainly you will have after being on the same record for 10 minutes.