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Diary, Client Diaries

Client Diaries (“Binoculars” Method)

If you want a diary for a given client, regardless of which user made the appointment, then…

  • Click the “Binoculars” button
  • Set the “User” dropdown to “All users”
  • Set the “Include entries with” dropdown to “Contact”
  • Click the “Browse” button, find the contact and click “OK”
  • Set a date, or click the “=” button next to “Find on or before” to find that contact’s most recent appointment
  • Click the “OK” button
  • The diary will now exclude all clients except those matching the name in the “…like” dropdown.
  • Client Diaries (“Signpost” & “Contact Diary Icon” Methods)

  • In the Diary program…
  • o either click the “Signpost” button then select “Diary / Select diary for contact”

    o or click the black “Contact diary” icon on the toolbar

  • Then, as shown below…
  • o Either select the diary for the currently active contact

    o Browse for an alternative contact

    o Reset the filter to include all contacts

    Note the following…

    1. If there is no currently active contact, then to save time these two options will jump straight to “Browse”
    2. After completing your selection the diary will exclude all of the other contacts
    3. Unlike the “Binoculars” method, described above, with these two methods you cannot also reset which user’s diary to look in
    4. Once you’ve selected a contact diary all new appointments will default to that name