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Appendix 4 – Changing Nominal Accounts Retrospectively

You may have nominal accounts in your system such as for "Phones, Mobile" and "Phones, Landline" that you wish to merge into a single nominal, such as for "Phones". This is quite a simple process, but one that will require you to work directly on your accounts data via a copy of Microsoft Access. So please ensure you have a working copy of Microsoft Access installed on the computer you're using. Also before starting you'll need to get two special passwords from the Durell Support Team on 01823-334142, one starting "D", while the other starts with a "W".

First list your nominal accounts, starting from the Durell Main Menu...


Use a piece of paper, or create a temporary spreadsheet with the four headings as shown below, where you should start by entering the Old Nominal code along with the New one you wish to replace it with. Do not worry about the Record nos at this point, but ensure you enter the codes correctly. Also write down the number of the AccountsSet (e.g. AccountsSet3)

Old Nominal

Old Record No

New Nominal

New Record No

















Once you've created such a list and are ready to change your accounts you should exit Durell and ensure all other staff have done likewise. Then using Windows Explorer...

This should create a copy of the AccountsSet folder, probably named something like "AccountsSet3 - Copy". Do not proceed until you are 100% confident that you've correctly made a good copy of your accounting data (which you'll be able to revert to if anything goes wrong).

Now restart your own copy of Durell. On the initial "Log-in" window, shown below, click the "Logged in users" button and check no-one else is still in Durell - everyone must keep out of it until you have finished. If they are all out then use the special password starting with an upper case D, which will allow you to remove your period ends... 

To do this, starting from the Durell Main Menu...

Now use Windows Explorer to navigate to the relevant AccountsSet sub-folder of your main Durell data folder (e.g. S:\Imw-Data\AccountsSet3), then right-click the "Accounts.mdb" file and select "Open", using the special password staring with a lower case W...

Ensure you select the version of "Accounts" with the "mdb" suffix. Do not use the versions with the suffixes "db1", "db2", "db3" or "ldb". If you cannot see the suffix, or are uncertain, go to the "Folder Options" utility in your Windows "Control Panel" and clear the tick from the "Files and Folders" option to "Hide extensions for know file types", as shown below...

There are many different versions of Access, which have different screen layouts, messages and warnings while opening a file. Navigate your way through these and open the "AccountsNominalsSetup" table using the "Datasheet View" (n.b. as opposed to the "Design View"), as shown below....

Click on the "Nominal" column title to highlight the entire column, then use the Access "Find" tool to find the first nominal account written in your notepad list or spreadsheet (e.g. LCTR, as shown below)...

In your notepad or spreadsheet write down the "Record" number of each found nominal code. It is absolutely crucial you have all of the codes written correctly with their own record numbers. Once you've noted all of the record numbers like those shown in the table at the start of this Help, click the Access table called "Ledgerline", as shown below...

Click on the "Nominal Code" column title to highlight the entire column, then use the Access "Find" tool again, but this time select its "Replace" tab to find the first nominal account written in your notepad list or spreadsheet (e.g. LCTR) and replace it with your preferred or new one (e.g. ITBD).

Before repeating the exercise for all of the other nominal codes it is good practice to ensure Access has actually made all instances of your requested change, as earlier versions have a nasty habit of only changing the first few. To do this simply use the Access "Sort A-Z.." tool to sort the current column, then use the "Find" tool to check whether any instances of the old code still remain. If so, simply repeat the replacement procedure until everyone is changed (occasionally this may need to be done many times).

When all instances of the first change have been made simply repeat the exercise for the next code. Once all of the "Nominal Code" fields have been changed you should then move onto the "Nominal Record" column and in a similar fashion replace all of the Old Record Numbers with the New ones. When done simply exit Access, ignoring any suggestions to save the layout etc (n.b. as all actual data changes are saved automatically).

Now to re-build your nominal codes re-start your copy of Durell, then from the Main Menu...

And to re-instate all of your old period ends...

If you find you cannot delete any of them it will be because...

The latter reason (i.e. the Journals table) is unlikely, but would be worth checking before taking the more drastic step of replacing all the original data from your initial backup copy and MORE CAREFULLY repeating the whole exercise from scratch.

[N.B. You cannot delete any nominal account that is currently in use, either in the ledgers or the journals. So the good news is that you can click the yellow "Bin" button to try to delete nominal accounts without any worries - if they aren't in use they'll be deleted, otherwise they'll be retained safely]