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Policies, Change Insurer or Plan

If you need to change a policy’s insurer, product or plan name, then starting from the Main Menu…

  • Click the “Policies” button
  • Click on and thereby highlight the policy to be changed (e.g. by scrolling to it, or using the “Binoculars” button to find it)
  • Click the “Signpost” button
  • Click “Policies / Change insurer / plan”
  • Use the dropdowns (except the “Type” one) on the right hand side to change the details, as required
  • Click “OK”
  • Insurer Or Product Does Not Appear In Drop-down

    When using the drop-downs, as shown above, if you cannot find the insurer or plan that you require you should click the “Setup…” button between the “Insurer name” and the “Plan name” fields. This will take you to the Product Set-up screen (see “Set-up, Products”). After you’ve created the product you require, when you exit you’ll automatically return to the scrolling Policies screen, with your newly created product pre-selected.

    The “Type” Cannot Change

    Whereas you can change a policy’s insurer, product and plan, you cannot change the fundamental type. This is because a pension, for example, is fundamentally different from a mortgage or motor policy.