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Mortgage, Cases with Link to Trigold

The system treats mortgages just like policies, so that all the mailshot, search & display facilities in the Policies, Scrolling View are also available to mortgage cases. However mortgage screens are quite different from policy ones, with the ability to pass data to Trigold Prospector for mortgage quotes, as discussed below.

New cases are started just like new policies (see Policies, Create A New Policy), though obviously you need to select a mortgage related product, as illustrated below (see also Mortgages, Providers and Products).

You’ll then be taken to a “Mortgages” screen, like that illustrated, where you should complete the fields before moving onto the following screens regarding the fees. To complete this screen…

  • Use the “>” button to the right of the Adviser and Lead to select or set-up the required person (see Policies, Entering Adviser & Lead)
  • Click the “=” button to the right of the “Awaiting” field and follow the instructions in “Mortgage, Progressing & Required Documents
  • Enter a case number in the “Policy reference” (see Policies, Entering Reference) or alternatively use this for further details (e.g. 5% Fixed Rate”).
  • Use the “Stage” drop-down to select the business stage (see also Policies, Entering Stage)
  • Use the “Documents delivered by” drop-down to select the delivery method
  • Click the “Valuer”, “Solicitor” or “Lender” buttons to see those people, or…
  • Click the “>” button to the right of them to enter or edit their details, or to see additional info (e.g. phone numbers)
  • Enter the name and address for Applicant 1, and Applicant 2 if the application is joint (n.b. to save time use the button to copy in the policy holder’s details)
  • Click the “Property” tab and enter details of the property being purchased
  • Click the “Mortgage” tab and enter details of the mortgage (e.g. purchase price, loan to value percentage, etc)
  • Click the “Invoices” tab and then the “Add” button (N.B. not “Add Invoice”) and a “Consultancy Entry” dialogue will appear, as shown below…
  • o Click the “=” button for today’s date

    o Enter a description for the fee (e.g. “Procurement fee”)

    o Enter a rate and units (e.g. 5 hours at £75 per hour, or 1 fee at £170.00)

    o Click the “OK” button

  • If this case is one where the lender pays and other fees are due from the lender (unlikely), then click the “Add” button again and enter them
  • If this case is one where the client pays and other fees are due from the client (e.g. for travelling or consultancy), then click the “Add” button again
  • Note that the “Add Invoice” button is for third parties, such as surveyors (see Mortgage, Additional Fees)
  • Click the black “Curve-Right Arrow” button to move to the main fee & pay-away screens (see Mortgage, Main Fee & Pay-aways)
  • Optional Link to Trigold Prospector

    Provided you have a copy of Trigold Prospector installed on your computer you can pass the above data to it (i.e. to create a “New Client” in Trigold). To do so....

  • Click the purple “Uplink” button on the toolbar
  • Click the “Link” button on the “Link to Trigold” pop-up, as shown below
  • In Trigold, if the client is not displayed click “Windows / New Client”
  • After saving the details in Trigold, on returning to Durell click the “Read output” button, shown below
  • Mortgage Case Notes & Diary Chase-ups

    If you need to enter any free-format notes relating to the mortgage case, or generate diary chase-ups for it, you should click the vertical white “Notepad” button (see also Policies, Notes & Chase-ups).