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Appendix 3 - Managing CFS Every Day

After Durell CFS has been installed on each PC (as per Appendix 2) you should see its shortcut icon appear on the Windows Desktops...


When you double-click this you'll be see the CFS "Dashboard" screen, as below, which is what you will use on a daily basis to monitor usage, messages from your clients, and notifications about new prostects, policies or problems. However initially you'll probably want to skip the help about this screen and go straight to the section on the "Setup" screen, which will tell you how to create a profile and assign clients to it.


LEFT SIDE regarding Usage by Clients and Prospects

At the top left you can see the percentage of your pre-agreed usage that has actually been taken-up by the combination of existing clients and new prospects, along with the percentage of time your system has been available during the last 30 days. Below these target graphs you can number of "new prospects" downloaded to your Durell admin system along with the number of "logins today". Below this you can see a graph for the last few months comparing the number of logins versus the number of unique visits (i.e. by different clients or prospects) where the difference will be greater if the same clients are logging-in repeatedly (e.g. to get on-line valuations every day). Note that...

Your initial AVERAGE target for the first six months will be up to 100 individual client log-ins and/or new prospects PER MONTH (e.g. so that could be 300 new prospects and 300 existing clients logging-in to check their annual renewal premiums). For example, you might get 300 prospects in one month and none in the other five, which would give an average of 50 per month. At the end of the six month period your system will be reviewed, and new targets set for the next period, possibly with an adjustment to your direct debit for the service, where the cost is £44+VAT per month per 100, which you may chose to increment in steps of 50. In the case of Insurecom quotes there is an additional charge of £60+VAT per 100 quotation results per month (or £40+VAT for either motor or household, but not both).

So this Dashboard screen should help you see exactly how your CFS system is being used. Below this you'll find three buttons to..

RIGHT SIDE regarding Notifications and Secure Messages  

On the right side you'll be able to see all notifications and secure messages sent to and from your CFS system, with the most recent at the top od each. You can quickly re-sort these or filter them (e.g. to just the last seven days) via the dropdowns above right of each, though to prevent you from inadvertently missing something initially they'll always show all messages. Note that...

At the bottom of the screen there are two buttons...

  1. Compose new message - use this to write a new message to one or many of your CFS-enabled clients (see below)
  2. View sent messages - this button toggles between sent and received messages, so you can also check what you previously sent


LEFT SIDE regarding Clients and Their Passwords

You will need to create a profile, as described in "RIGHT SIDE regarding Profiles" below, before you can assign clients to one. But once you have one or more profiles, select one in the the "Assign profile" dropdown at the bottom left of the screen (e.g. "Initial profile" as illustrated). Then select an Address set in the dropdown at the top left (e.g. "Clients, Individual") followed by a letter of the alphabet in the "Filter" dropdown. Then tick all of the clients you wish to assign to the current profile and click the "Apply" button, whereupon they'll move to the top of the list (e.g. SANDS S and SYMONS C & D as illustrated above).

The initial password for all clients will be their unique client reference number, which you'll see directly above their Search Name on your Durell admin system. According to your CFS System setup (see section below), they may optionally change this to their own preferred one. In the event they forget it you can simple click any assigned client name and re-enter a fresh password, after which you must let them know what you've changed it to. The pop-up to change the password also contains a button to reset it back to their original default (i.e. their client reference number), though you can choose to override this.

RIGHT SIDE regarding Profiles and Email Alerts

You can create as many "Profiles" as you like, where for example, one might be for clients requiring online valuations, and another could be for all non-investment clients just wanting a list of their life policies, or yet another could be for general insurance clients with optional motor and household quotes. Possibly you might offer more services (like valuations) to paying clients with a "Gold" profile than to non-paying ones with a "Silver" profile that just lists their details on a read-only basis. For each such profile you can choose to include policies, messages, personal details, documents, etc, via the tick-boxes on the left side of the screen, most of which can then be further tailored via a "Setup" button that appears as you hover over the different topics, which are discussed below...


This allows you to include or exclude the client's investment portfolio and choose whether to automatically revalue it.  Moreover you can select to use the contract enquiry credentials from a Durell "user" (i.e. as setup in your Durell admin program). WARNING - this process will try to upload the selected user's UNIPASS certificate, etc, though to do so that user must be directly running the CFS program either on his or her own PC or via his or her Remote Desktop on a Terminal Server. Use the "Revalue contracts with stage" selector to exclude, for example, surrendered, lapsed and paid-up policies, and optionally tick the box to "Show attached documents". The latter will display  






The Promotions and Notifications button

RIGHT SIDE, BOTTOM regarding Client Alerts (common to all Profiles and all Dashboards)