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Groups, Businesses & Employees

Business clients should be set-up just like individual client records (see “Clients, Entering & Saving Clients”), except in the “Business Clients” address book (see “Clients, Understanding Address Sets”). On most versions of Durell this is accessible from a “Businesses” button on the Main Menu below the “People” one. If not, then starting from the Main Menu…

Adding Employees or Scheme Members

The scheme members or employees should then be entered as individual clients, but with their “Business” field linked to the business in question “Clients, Links to Contacts, Partners & Groups”.

List Employees or Scheme Members

To list all of a group’s members, starting from the Main Menu…

  • Click the “Business” button (i.e. to get to the address set where you entered the business’ record)
  • Re-find the business record (n.b. if you don’t know how to do this see “Clients, Finding Records”)
  • Click the “Signpost” button
  • Click “List members…”
  • In the window called “Group List for…”, as shown below, use the dropdown to select the individual client set, as required, then click “OK”
  • You’ll then get a group list which you can print via the “Print” button
  • Updating An Employee or Scheme Member

    To update any of the records in the “Group List for…”, as shown above, simply double-click it.