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Reports, General, Bordereaux


The default report lists policies according to the options selected.











o When setting date ranges, “From blank to blank” gives all policies, while “From blank to a date” gives all up to that date, etc

o Alternatively click “Use months for print range” and select the months to print in the current year











o If creating a comma-delimited file, you’ll probably also want to tick the option to “Include field headings”

o Comma-delimited files can be sent by Email as attachments and can be read by most computer programs, so form a basis for data transfers. They can also be opened as spreadsheets by Excel, etc.








Saving Your Selections

Once you’ve made a selection for a report you can save this via the “Save” button, and subsequently re-select it via the “Load” one, as shown below, which is useful in maintaining consistency, particularly when dealing with less experienced admin staff...