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Scanning, Batch Scanning (Using IrfanView & HP ScanJet)

Required Items

Load IrfanView

Free of charge, Durell will Email any supported customer a copy of the “freeware” file called “iview333”. Copy this file to the Windows Desktop of each computer. Then on each such computer, starting from there…

Link IrfanView To Durell

On each computer start Durell and login as normal, then from Durell’s Main Menu…

Set-up Client Folders (Optional)

It is not essential, but you may like to organise your hard drive into folders and sub-folders for your scanned images. This will result in a sub-folder for each client’s images held in an overall folder called “Pics” or “Scanned images”, which itself may optionally be a sub-folder of your common Durell data. To do this, starting from the Windows Desktop of any computer on your network…

Install HP ScanJet 7450c (with 50 sheet feeder)

Scanning a New Batch of Documents

Start Durell as normal and select the client record, then…

1. Enter the “Output file name” as “Scan” (it will retain this setting)

2. Enter the “Starting index” as “1” (it will retain this setting)

3. Use the “Browse” button to find the client’s folder (see above paragraph)

4. Select “JPG-JPEG Files” in the “Save as” drop-down (it will retain this)

5. Click the “Options” button

6. Click the “Save Quality” button and slide left to a setting of 50

7. Click “OK” on the “IrfanView Save Properties” screen

Note that on subsequent occasions you will only need to do line 3

1. First document at top of pile

2. Face up

3. Top of document pushed into scanner

4. Entire pile pushed to back left corner of scanner

1. Output = Greyscale

2. Resolution = 100

3. Paper size =A4

Viewing A Scanned Batch

On the Durell “Document Viewer”, double-click the entry for “Scan01”