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Reports, Accounts, At A Date - Debtors, Creditors, Payments, Receipts, Etc

On the “Accounts” tab of the Main Menu’s “Reports” button, as shown below, you’ll find in the central column there are six reports “at date”.

All of these six “at date” reports are just refinements of the basic “Aged Debtors” report (see “Reports, Accounts, Aged Debtors”), but additionally you can specify…

  • at what date to run the report, so you can show the accounting position retrospectively
  • which control and nominal accounts to include, so for example, you can just see the “Receipts In Advance” control at a date
  • For example, you might want a retrospective list of all your insurer accounts at your last financial year end, like that shown below.

    To get the above you would use the “Aged Debtors” report, as usual, but firstly restrict the included accounts to just those for insurers, as shown below…

    Then to produce the report at a given date (e.g. 31/12/2003, as shown below) you would then need to click the “Retrospective” tab and enter that date. You can also use the “Retrospective” tab to limit which control and nominal accounts should be included, as shown below.

    Six “At Date” Reports

    The “At Date” reports on the “Accounts” tab, illustrated at the beginning of this section, simply provide six pre-defined versions of the “Aged Debtors” report to show, for example, “Receipts in Advance” as at 31/12/2003, as illustrated below.