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Reports, Accounts, Aged Debtors

This report gives a list of all the people and businesses that owe you money (i.e. debtors) and/or all those that you owe (i.e. creditors). You can choose to include either or both, then further refine the selection to just those debtors who are clients or insurers. You can choose to have just account totals or full details. You can also exclude all accounts where the outstanding balance is insignificant.

To run the “Aged Debtors” report, starting from the “Accounts Menu”…

  • Click the “Reports” button
  • Click the “Aged Debtors” button
  • Clear ticks, as required, to omit selected types (e.g. omit creditors, or omit advisers & leads)
  • Set ticks, as required, for example to limit the range of included balances (e.g. to omit balances less or greater than £10)
  • Click the “OK” button
  • A feature of the “Aged Debtors” report is that it shows the outstanding sums in historic periods of 30 days, as illustrated below, so you can not only see how much you’re owed, but also see how old the debts are.

    “Aged Debtors” Compared to “Debtors Control” in the Trial Balance

    An “Aged Debtors” report, including debtors but excluding creditors, will not align with the “Debtors Control” in the Trial Balance, because it combines all outstanding debit transactions from both ledgers, along with cashbook receipts in advance. In contrast, the “Debtors Control” shows just the net balance of the Sales Ledger (i.e. outstanding sales invoices minus outstanding sales credits).

    So for a true overall position you should always refer to either your “Aged Debtors” report, or the sum of your bulk “Statements” run (though the latter only shows one account per page, so is comparatively cumbersome).