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Reports, Life, Advisers Persistency

The default report shows the percentage of invoiced commission earned by, and clawed back from, each adviser for the selected period.

  • Change the “Report type” dropdown from “Adviser / Introducer” if instead you want to analyse your commission earnings by insurer or product type
  • Click the “Policy selection (new)” button if you wish to restrict the policies to be included, for example, to a single introducer (see “Reports, Policy Selector”)
  • Edit the “Print from” and “To” date range to select the invoice dates of your commissions in the accounts ledgers (n.b. from “Blank to Date” lists all up to that date, while from “Blank to Blank” lists everything)
  • Use the “Include” dropdown to include invoices only, credits only, or all items (i.e. both invoices and credits)
  • Tick the “Show totals” options that you require
  • Optionally click the box “Show report name in title”, which will add to the printed report’s title the name of the current selection, as saved via the “Save” button and then recalled via the “Load” button (see “Reports, Saving Selections”)
  • Click the “Only include transactions for selected nominals” box if you wish to restrict the report to certain nominal accounts, in which case you must then tick or clear the accounts list accordingly
  • Click “OK” to proceed with the report