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Set-up, Advisers

Advisers may also be known as account handlers, registered individuals or fee earners. They are people working for the office, looking after clients, and in most instances earning commission from sales or fees.

Adviser records are set-up like all other address set records (see Clients, Entering & Saving Clients), but…


If you enter the adviser’s email addresses in the “Email” fields then subsequently when you click the Email “>” button you’ll be able to start a pre-addressed email. You can also initiate an email via the email icon on the toolbar, or via the Word icon for the Document Viewer (followed by "New" then "Email").

Advisers without rates.jpg

Mailshot Fields

You might consider using the Adviser user-definable field names to hold the following information see Set-up, Field Names

Postcode Areas

You may have an arrangement where certain advisers handle all business in selected postcode areas. If this is the case then click the “>” button to the right of the “Postcode areas” field in order to allocate postcode areas to the current adviser, as shown below....

Advisers, setup postcode areas.png

...then subsequently when entering a client, if the “>” button next to the “Adv” field is clicked the user can automatically select the appropriate adviser by clicking the "Select by postcode (aaa)" button, as shown below...

 Advisers, find postcode adviser.png

Commission Rates

Enter the adviser’s commission rate for each type of business (e.g. General Insurance new business, General Insurance renewals, etc). Use the “Base” drop-down to indicate whether the figure entered for the “Rate” is…

Reset Commission Rates in Policies

Policy records will retain the adviser commission rates at the time the policy was posted to the accounts. In order to subsequently update these rates to the current values (e.g. in order to pay on-going drip commission but at a new rate) click the "Reset Commission Rates in Policies". 

Fee Rate For Diaries

If you use the diaries to record time spent working on behalf of clients then you should enter the adviser's default fee rate in the “Consult per hr” field. For example, you might then produce a fee report based on this – see Diaries, Printing and Reports

Additional Screens

You can activate a further 42 user-definable data fields by clicking (and thereby ticking) the Signpost button option “Additional screens / Show 42 additional search fields”. After this option has been ticked (i.e. made active) you access the extra screen via the black “Curve right” button. See Additional Mailshot Fields

Training History

Training history is accessed via the Setup / Users because whereas all Durell users may require a training history not all of them will be Advisers. You can also the 54 user-definable mailshot fields, asshown at the start of this section.