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Reports, Accounts, Advisers & Leads Commission

As you can see from the “Accounts Reports” screen above, there are two versions of this report, where the “variable” one has the two extra tabs for “Product Types” and “Nominals”, as shown below, to allow for further selections…

  • Use the “List entries for” dropdown to select all or selected advisers or introducers
  • o If you choose “Selected” ones, then that set (e.g. all advisers) will appear in the selection window where you can click the ones to include

    o If you click the “Select all” box then all the records in the displayed set (e.g. all advisers) will be included

  • Optionally set the invoice date range, or leave blank for all invoice dates (n.b. the report will include credits for claw-back, as well as invoices)
  • Optionally use the “Include” dropdown to select only those invoices that have been paid to the selected advisers or introducers, only those that are still outstanding, or both
  • Optionally reset the sequence of the report (e.g. by invoice date, insurer, nominal account, etc)
  • Tick the other options, as required, to show totals and insert page breaks
  • Click “OK” to proceed with the report
  • To save your settings use the “Save” button, then to subsequently recall them use the “Load” one (see “Reports, Saving Selections”)
  • You should then see a simple report similar to that displayed below…

    If you use the “variable” version instead you’ll get a more complex report, like that shown below…

    Extra Selections In Variable Version

    The variable version, as illustrated below, allows you to further limit the report to...

  • selected product types
  • selected nominal accounts
  • …so for example, you could produce a report for all advisers, all products and all nominal accounts; or a for a single adviser (e.g. Jane Potter) regarding a single product type (e.g. Pensions) and a single nominal (e.g. Indemnified Commission). The selection process for the product types and nominals is similar to that for the selection of advisers and leads, described above. All the other selections regarding the date range, totals and inclusions remain the same as for the simpler version of the report, described above.