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Clients, Additional Mailshot Fields

If the twelve user-definable fields at the bottom of the address set screens, just above the final comment lines, are not enough, another forty-two (i.e. 10 drop-downs, 10 free-format , 10 dates and 12 numerics) are available on an “Additional screen”, as shown below. To make this screen appear, starting from the flat view of any address set screen…

In the example, shown above, none of the numeric fields have been allocated names (e.g. “NI Number”). To learn how to set-up field names see “Set-up, Field Names”. Once you’ve set-up field names you can search on them (except the numeric ones), as shown below, via the green “Binoculars” button.

You can also use them for selecting records for mail shots (e.g. to select by the client’s religion or some other criteria not included elsewhere), as shown above.

Searching Numeric Values

If you need to search on the numeric fields you can do so by exporting them into an Excel spreadsheet (see “Documents, Spreadsheet, Output”) and sorting them there via the “A>Z” button.

Edit and Re-Import to Update Values

Having sorted and edited them in Excel you can then re-import them (see “Setup, Import”) provided your export Data Set contains the field “Record”.