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Fact Find, Adding Pictures or Your Logo

You may wish to add your logo at the top of the first page of your fact find, and possibly one or two other pieces of artwork at other points to make the rest of the fact find more attractive (particularly if you intend to publish it on your website).

The types of image you can use are limited to jpg, gif and png, though this should not be a problem provided you’ve got some graphics software, like Irfanview, which is available as a download from the Internet. For example, to convert a logo that’s currently a Windows Bitmap file (e.g. durell.bmp)...

  • Right-click the existing logo
  • Select “Open with...” and select “Irfanview”
  • ...then in Irfanview...

  • Click “Save as”
  • Change the “File type” (at the bottom right) to jpg
  • Click “Save”

    You may also need to resize your image before you save it (in Irfanview click “Image” then “Resize”), as the image in the fact find is shown at its natural size (i.e. it cannot be expanded or contracted).

    The Durell logo of 250 x 110 pixels (at 72 dpi) shown above will work perfectly, while the image below, which is 120 x 190 pixels at 72 dpi might look nice next to a fact find section on employment details...

    Inserting a Picture

  • Right-click the row where you wish to locate the picture (in this case a logo to appear above Row 1 (Header))
  • Select “New row (above)” and when prompted, add a description for it (e.g. “DurellLogoHeader”)
  • Now right-click your new “Row 1 (DurellLogoHeader)” and select “New item (bottom)”
  • Select “Image” as the type of item, as shown below
  • In the “Choose an Image” pop-up click the “Add” button then find your logo, or other picture
  • Click “Open”

  • ...back at the “Choose an Image” pop-up, you can now preview all the images so far added, as shown below...

  • Click the image you wish to use from the list of “Available images”
  • Click “OK”
  • Click the “Preview” tab to check your logo, like the example below
  • Finally, if you need to move the logo across the screen (i.e. to centralise or right-justify it), simply add a “Spacer” item before it in the row, and edit the width of the spacer accordingly, as shown below...